Friday, February 5, 2010

I Admit Defeat

A couple of weeks back I commented on a question raised over at A Fantasy Reader that I almost never put a book down once I begin reading it. Well it has happened this week. For a midweek review I picked up a copy of De Dagen van het Hert by Liliana Bodoc. The original is in Spanish Los dias del Venado, and I am aware of a German translation but I don't think there is one in English.

It has been a while since a book so completely failed to hold my attention. I almost fell asleep while reading it on Wednesday, although I much admit a pretty busy week at work may have more to do with that. So after taking four days to work my way though a mere 160 pages I decided to put it down last night. The book itself only has 268 pages but I couldn't make myself finish it.

So no midweek review this week. I have good hopes there will be one this weekend. I am already 120 pages into Iside Straight by George R.R. Martin et al.

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