Monday, May 17, 2010

Taking requests

I'm approaching a hundred reviews on Random Comments, something I'm very pleased with. I had to cheat a couple of times and throw up an old review to bridge a too large gap between new material but on the whole I didn't expect to be able to keep reviewing at a steady pace for so long a period of time when I stated this blog.

My most recent review, Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay (who, by the way, quadrupled my traffic in the last 24 hours with one tweet. Thank you for the kind words!) is number 91. At this pace I will reach a hundred by the end of June. So I though we'd try something different for the occasion. I'm taking requests for number 100.

Which author or book have I shamefully omitted in my coverage, who do you think I should read given my reading habits (see review index for the complete list) or what book would you just like my opinion on?

A couple of rules. It has to be in a language I can read, so Dutch or English. Please don't name book six in a twelve book series I haven't read (I will consider book one). Don't name your own book, there are other ways to get that reviewed ;) and last but not least, pick something you're reasonably sure is still in print or I won't be able to get a copy in time. The most interesting, outrageous suggestion will get the review. Motivated suggestions stand a better chance of being picked.

So what'll it be?


  1. congratulations with number 100

    Some suggestions:

    Clifford Simak, Way Station (Seems an interesting novel, but is it really too archaic and outdated?)

    Joe Haldeman, The Forever War (I haven’t read it, everyone says it’s good, but I would only believe an honest reviewer as I ‘m afraid it is nothing more than the Vietnam war in some distant future which I will constantly think of)

    Alfred Bester, The Stars my Destination (I thought it interesting to find out if you think it’s still worth reading, I do at least until now, but the tension is slightly flowing away in the middle)
    Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker (I’m extremely curious to find out how one can ever write a sensible in depth review about such an extraordinary novel if one call it like that)

    Walter Miller, A Canticle for Leibowitsch (Is it only the cult status that makes this novel appear in the top lists or is it something more?)

    Strugatsky Arkadi & Boris, Roadside Picnic (I would really really love someone to review this book in a thorough way as I’m a huge admirer of the film version Stalker. I know both are completely different but I would be interested in the opinion of an experienced reader on this Russian novel, if I can only chose one novel to be reviewed it would be this one)
    Really fun concept this request!!!!!
    Keep up your wonderful reviews whatever you will review

  2. You really do have a preference for classic SF don't you ;)

    Some of these books already are on my (admittedly unrealistically long) to read list. Some very good suggestions here.

  3. This entry gets more hits than some reviews but people seem to be shy about commenting.

    I picked Roadside Picnic, mostly because I will probably get around to reading the other titles mentioned but I don't think I would have read this one without prompting. Still on schedule to hit 100 in June so keep an eye on the blog ;)

  4. haha! Fantastic, I can't wait to read it! (I mean your review)