Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the Mail

Another surprise package in the mail today from the kind folks at Angry Robot. A review copy of City of Hope and Despair by Ian Whates.

From the publisher:
THEY CALL IT THE CITY OF A HUNDRED ROWS. The ancient city of Thaiburley is a vast, multi-tiered metropolis, where the poor live in the City Below, and demons are said to dwell in the Upper Heights. Forced to flee the city, Tom and Kat find themselves pursued through a merciless land… but also find friends and allies in the most unusual places. More fabulous storytelling in a rich fantasy world of adventure, alchemy and magic.
You may have noticed this blog lacking a review of City of Dreams & Nightmare, book 1 in The City of a Hundred Rows. I will remedy that real soon.

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