Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reading Challenge

I don't usually participate in these kinds of things. I like to pick my own reads as much as possible and keep the content on Random Comments varied. One of the things I mean to do is read more SF classics this year and the 2012 WWEnd Grand Master Reading Challenge seems to fit that resolution perfectly.

The goal is to read one book by one of the authors who has been awarded the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award. A different author each month. The list of winners includes many of the greats of the genre, one book a month by one of these authors should be manageable. I'm starting with Tau Zero by Poul Anderson, a novel that has been on the to read stack for a while now. Expect a review sometime next week. I'll have to have a look in the bookcase to see what else I can dig up. Suggestions are welcome of course.

Interested in joining? Check out this blog entry over at Worlds Without End for the details.

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