Sunday, June 17, 2012

D.N.F. Dragon Touched by E.W. Scott

I'm a bit surprised by this to be honest, the last time I failed to finish a book was more than two years ago when I attempted to read De dagen van het Hert by Liliana Bodoc. After that I finished all books I started until this one. That's probably some 150 books.

I still have a hard time putting my finger on what makes me unable to finish this book. I have read books that were very poor indeed, books that simply bored me, and books I ended up detesting and finished all of them. What makes this awkward is that unlike Bodoc's book, I received Dragon Touched as a review copy. Fortunately the author took it well. She showed some real grace and diplomacy in the e-mail conversation we've had and that is something that ought to be mentioned.

Since I haven't finished I am not going to do a review on the book. As far as I can tell it isn't badly written, I guess it just didn't manage to hold my attention. There are a few people who did write full reviews of this book so I am going to refer you to the opinions of two ladies who's judgement I trust.
Mieneke's review can be found on the A Fantastical Librarian blog, while Fantasy Bytes offers her opinion here. Both these blogs are well worth reading so have a good look around while you are there.

I will be back next week with a review of Kim Stanley Robinson's Blue Mars which I hope to finish tonight.