Saturday, September 22, 2012


I've had a good spell reviewing wise recently but I need a little break again. In a few hours I will be on the plane to Norway to go see my girlfriend. I haven't seen her in three months so it should be obvious that reviewing books will not be on my mind in the next week. I may sneak one in anyway but no promises.

In other news, I've been asked to be on the jury of Fantastels 2012, a Dutch language short fiction competition. The contest is open for submissions for the entire month of October. So if you want to run the risk of having your story random commented by all means submit. Do keep in mind it is a Dutch language competition.

The poll I put up to pick my final Grand Master Reading Challenge book is still up and will be open until I get back. If you haven't done so yet, cast your vote. I will be back on the 30th, probably with couple of fresh reviews for October. In the mean time I might be a bit slow responding Behave yourselves while I am gone ;)

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