Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Signal Boost for Lady Business

As you know I've been trying to read more work by female authors recently. My reading habits were very skewed to the male authors at one point. I did reasonably well in 2012 even if I didn't reach parity. Gender and genre fiction has been a hotly debated issue all over the internet. World Without End for instance, is currently running a reading challenge designed to introduce readers to female authors. At this time I am unable to participate but don't let that stop you.

I came across an article today on Lady Business. Like last year, they analysed the reviewing habits of a number of blogs and looked at "the visibility of women in science fiction and fantasy reviews and whether the gender of the reviewer impacts that visibility." Their sample of blogs include some of the big names in the blogsphere as well as Random Comments.

 Have a look at their results. They are very interesting indeed. Their methodology is a bit different (and infinitely more sophisticated) from the count I did myself in the end of year post by the way, so those numbers don't match.

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