Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sheer Curiosity

I've always been a bit obsessed with statistics so Google Analytics is a treasure trove for me. Not that there is too much to see there. When I started this blog 20 visitors a day was a good day. It's been climbing steadily but days when I hit 100 are still pretty rare. With such numbers it is still possible to find your regulars and sometimes figure out who they are, combining such informations as entry paths, sources, comments and landing pages. There is no privacy on the internet, just the illusion of it :P

I have one very loyal reader from, let's not compromise their privacy too much, Colorado. A visit every day for pretty much as long as the blog has been active. Technically I suppose there could be multiple readers in that area but it seems unlikely. After all this time I have yet to figure out who this person is. So satisfy my curiosity (and feel free to use mail in stead of comments, valashain [at] gmail [dot] com), who are you?

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