Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in Town

Got back home around 20:00 last night. Very tired now, especially since I had to work today. Don't think I was much use there. Had a great trip, is was more than worth it. Normal service at Random Comments will resume sometime later this week. Haven't had a chance yet to finishe the next book.

Especially for Neth I have taken a picture of the view from my room at the hostel. It is crappy, as was the bed, but it costs next to nothing so I guess I got what I paid for. :P The picture is taken with my phone. Very low quality I'm afraid.


  1. Welcome back! How is Norway? I wish to visit all the Northern countries someday, but for now I settle for other people's photos. Not that yours is encouraging ;D

    1. Well, if you book another room than the one I occupied, the view could be quite lovely. Lots of mountains around Bergen. It's a nice city to visit, lots of things to see for a tourist. I suspect I will end up going back there some time later in the year.